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In the marketing business, Word Of Mouth ( WOM) is the unpaid spread of information from one person to another through conversation, specifically advising on a particular business or product. And it is WOM that makes the history of SERIES, contributing to the development of its portfolio and growth in number of customers. We take pleasure in what we are doing, therefore we also enjoy it when people like us.


What they

say about us

António Lopes


"An agency many, many steps above any other I have come across during these nearly 30 years of Locape!"

Anabela Cadete

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

"Working with SERIES has always been just that… Working as a team, recognizing objectives together, overcoming obstacles, looking for solutions and revealing new paths, bringing novelties to a classic market, working emotions in a scientific environment. Always reinventing, always looking forward to explore the unexplored. SERIES was a serious adventure! A big hug to all of you!"

Carlota Agulheiro


"We have found a true partnership with SERIES. Top quality standards and creativity, great sense of customer support. SERIES has always been with us throughout dozens of campaigns, events, projects and multiple brands. They are always in a good mood and they try to understand and respond to our needs. It's not every day that we find this kind of dedication."

Castanho Ribeiro

Grupo Barraqueiro

"When I first came across SERIES, they were a young company that surprised me with its creativity, professionalism and ability to quickly interpret the client's objectives, showing an extraordinary response to the challenges that were placed before them. Over these 30 years they have matured and gained experience, but they never lost that spark of creativity that characterizes them."

Célia Negrão


"I have been working with SERIES for over 20 years! It is a company that I trust 200% and with which I have built a history of much success. A company made of 'Friends', who, however, never cease to be professionals of excellence. I hope to count on you for another 20 years!"

Claudia Freire


"There are companies we work with and there are companies we absolutely must work with! SERIES is one of them. Professionals of excellence, people of great creativity and heart."

Cristina Cardoso

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

"Commitment, dedication, trust, creativity, partnership, are some of the words that I associate with SERIES and the ever-present Paulo Eduardo. They were part of a very happy time in my professional life and contributed a lot to my success."

Cristina Laíns

Sanofi Pasteur MSD

"We did not cross paths with SERIES... You were part of the team. It was never a customer/supplier relationship... And that makes all the difference."

Cristina Fialho


"When do you start to feel that SERIES is a different agency? Right at the moment when we are briefing them. It is immediately noticeable in the questions that they make and in the way that they begin to internalize the brand. From that moment on, they are dedicated to doing everything in their power to ensure that success is close at hand."

Diana Carvalho


"SERIES means creative freshness, partnership and professionalism! Congratulations on the last 30 years and here's to the next 30."

Fernanda Silva

Infraestruturas de Portugal

"Thank you for the relationship of trust, rigor and availability of the SERIES team."

Fernando Cruz


"I first contacted SERIES when I needed an image for the Feldene product and I met Paulo Eduardo, who later became a friend. During the Celebrex launch campaign, some years later, they were responsible for some of the most unusual events, such as a drone flying over an orthopedics congress. This was in 2000, when few people knew what a drone was."

Filipa Sousa

CS Coelho da Silva

"A dedicated, dynamic, creative, proactive partner with the ability to quickly adapt to all business areas."

Francisco Trindade

Daikin Portugal

"With SERIES we were lucky and privileged to find a partner, and a whole team, who knew how to show us from the first moment, an enormous professionalism, talent, trust, respect, friendship, as well as a sense of commitment and permanent concern for our projects and their success."

Isabel Sobral


"Challenges, provocations, stimuli, etc. This is what creativity is made of and you have it in abundance. Deep admiration and a GREAT professional friendship."

Joaquim Barreiros


"There are coffee shops that stay with us for life, due to the intimate moments that we live there. In a way that is also the case with SERIES. I can say with all certainty that they marked my life as a Marketeer."

João Dias


"SERIES is clearly the communication company that better understands the language and specificity of the pharmaceutical business. They have been with me for 15 years and are largely responsible for the success of the projects and challenges I have faced in my professional life. They are extraordinarily creative, ambitious and close to the customer. For me those are the ideal ingredients for successful partnerships."

João Vaz

Volvo Angola

"I met Paulo Eduardo, and SERIES, when he proactively visited us. We know what we can expect from SERIES right from the first conversation... Listening to the customer and their expectations, presenting solutions... Dynamism, creativity, energy and proactivity, these are all adjectives that characterize SERIES and its collaborators."

Liliana Marques


"For me SERIES is synonym of professionalism, total dedication to the client, attention to detail and simplicity. They are always extremely innovative and challenging in the search for solutions. Congratulations to the whole team for the excellent work!"

Lisete Mata

Tintas Robbialac

"Reliability and speed!"

Manuel da Costa


"I have built a relationship with all the elements that worked there, especially with Paulo, an example of seriousness, simplicity, empathy, personality and exemplary professionalism. It was a long-term job, which gave us the opportunity to get to know each other and develop a common goal. I worked with you for many rewarding years, at one point I didn't know if I was working at SERIES or if it was Paulo who worked at Pfizer."

Marta Gomes


"12 years ago SERIES was not the agency I chose to work on 'my' Brand. It was much more than that… SERIES was a partner and a friend. They taught me everything I didn't know, which was a lot, they guided my thinking and my work and showed me a world beyond what I could see at that moment. I trusted them and I still do. I cannot recommend them more."

Patricia Albuquerque

former Creative Director at SERIES

"I don't believe that everyone has their place. I believe that each one of us is a place for the others."

Rita Giria

"It’s not difficult to talk about SERIES. We started working together in 1997 and after more than 20 years we are still working together. My professional career has taken me to several locations in Portugal and Angola, and SERIES was present in all of them, even after I left for other projects. I could highlight the creativity, professionalism, dedication, but what I cherish above all is the personalized follow-up."

Sandra Madeira

Boehringer Ingelheim

"SERIES is much more than an agency. They do not only contribute, they do not only participate, but they get involved, they dedicate themselves to a therapeutic area and a brand as if their own sustainability depended on the sales and success of the client."